7513. Egyptian faience Amarna Taweret / hippopotamus charm 1570 - 1070 B.C.

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Egyptian faience Amarna Taweret / hippopotamus charm.

dated / 1570 - 1070 B.C.

origin - Egypt.

dimensions - length 15 mm and width 5 mm

condition - good, attachment eye is neatly glued back again.


Egyptisch faience Amarna Taweret bedel / nijlpaard.

datering /  1570 - 1070 B.C.

herkomst - Egypte.

conditie - lengte 15 mm en breedte 5 mm

conditie - goed, het bevestegingsoog is weer terug gelijmd, heel netjes.


Faïence égyptienne Amarna Taweret charme / hippo.
dater / 1570 - 1070 av. J.-C.
origine - Egypte.
condition - longueur 15 mm et largeur 5 mm
état - bon, l'oeil de fixation est recollé, très soigné.

Taweret was the mothergoddes/goddes of protection at birth and the first nursing period. Therefore she was depicted as a pregnant hippo, an animal that is know for its care of her offspring.

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